Our Services

Quantitation and quality checks A suite of quantitation methods for DNA, RNA and library quality checks is available including Tape station, Quibit, and Nanodrop.
qPCR A real-time polymerase chain reaction, also known as quantitative polymerase chain reaction, monitors the amplification of a targeted DNA molecule during the PCR.
Nucleotide extraction Optimized protocols for the extraction of nucleotides from tisse, cells and cultures (gDNA, RNA)
Library preparation services Upstream preparation of high throughput sequencing for DNA, RNA, ribo-depleted RNA, cDNA and amplicon libraries.
High Throuhgput short reads sequencing on Illumina platforms Powerful high-throughput sequencing platforms returning high-quality data. Several platforms and insert sizes are available, including HiSeq 2500, HiSeq4000, NovaSeq, Next Seq and MiSeq. Together these platforms offer the opportunity to identify the platform combined with sequencing insert size that best suits the customer needs. We offer consultancy on which platform is most suitable to the sustomer needs and advice on the best value for money approach.
High troughput long reads nanopore sequencing Cutting-edge nanpore technology optimal for long read sequencing. Cost-effective for microbial and small eukaryote genome sequencing. Optimal for generating reference genomes
Bioinformatics Expert bioinformatic support tailored to the the customer needs. The analyses are agreed on a fee-for service basis and include data storage for up to 6 months. Services offered include: RNASeq mapping; genome mapping ananlysis; genome assembly, gene prediction and functional annotation; metabarcoding analysis; metagenomics.